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Fr Michael Jones

St. John Vianney RC Church01 Front

21, Heathfield Road,





Telephone: (020) 8303 1957 - General Parish Enquiries

For Hall Bookings ONLY, call Sarah Tremain on (020) 8301 2103

Fr. Michael was ordained at St. Bartholomew's Church, Norbury on 25th November 1978 having been trained at St. John's Seminary, Wonersh and obtained a degree in English from Exeter University. In September 2004 he came to St. John Vianney. Fr. Michael supports Crystal Palace FC- very brave in a Charlton area. He also enjoys walking which is useful since because of poor eyesight he can no longer drive. He likes music, travel, novels and poetry, film and being with people. He is enjoying the new challenge of being a Bexleyheathen!


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CAFOD Lenten Fast Day
Friday 27 February, St John Vianney and throughout parishes across England & Wales
Mass - No Vigil Mass
10:00am Saturday 28 February, St John Vianney, 21 Heathfield Road, Bexleyheath
8:30am Sunday 1 March, St John Vianney, 21 Heathfield Road, Bexleyheath
First Communion Programme
10:15am Sunday 1 March, Parish Hall, St John Vianney, 21 Heathfield Road, Bexleyheath